Replace your retired Air Caster today!


A standard fabric-reinforced air caster is easily torn, stretch and retain permanent damage during load movement, especially if your production requires a relevant frequent usage.  

Aeroserv Air Caster Replacement
Perfect for your original equipment and production.
Fit for all.


We can replace your damaged Air Caster no matter witch brand or what load moving system you are using for production.


It last longer than your imagination.


Aeroserv Air Caster is made from high standard materials to make sure its High Performance and Extremely Long Life.

High Performance.
Stable & Smooth.


We combined the advantages of new technologies and traditional handcraft skills to bring you the Super Stable Ability that allows Aeroserv Air Caster working smoothly at any load capacity.



Aeroserv Air Caster has a variety of sizes and models, find the perfect one for you.

High Quality.
Repeated checks before let it go.


We test drive every single Aeroserv Air Caster at its top capacity before deliver it to your hand and let it work in your production. 

Born for you.


Aeroserv Air Caster has a variety of sizes and models, but if you can’t find one works for your equipment or production; we can even custom-made special Air Caster to match your requirements.

Common Questions.

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