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What can Air Caster do and what industry they usually served?


Air Caster can help lift and move heavy instrument or load with compressed air. It is able to create an air film when pressurized air is introduced, which virtually eliminates friction and makes the load float above the operating surface.


Aeroserv Air Caster system has served a wide range of industry, it has proven its high performance and reliability across many different applications from car production to Aerospace development.




Why use Aeroserv Air Caster?


Aeroserv Air Caster has many advantages by its floating ability.


  • Friction Free

Minimal force required to move a load


  • Omnidirectional

Rotate on own axis; move in any direction at any angle


  • No moving parts

Minimal maintenance, ideal for hazardous and/or controlled environment


  • Low profile

Ideal for tight clearances, minimal lift, C.G. remains low


  • Operating surface friendly

Low surface contact and no damage to the operating surface


  • Economical

Low cost per kilogram of lift capacity




What are the requirements for use Aeroserv Air Caster?


Air Caster is like tire from a car wheel. So you still need to mount Air Caster to a platform or module to carry the load.




Also a standard industrial compassed air supply source @7kg/cm2 of pressure and a smooth, nonporous surface will provide the best performance and life for your Air Caster equipped products. Usually, a standard concrete warehouse or factory floors provide an adequate surface. Some large cracks and filling expansion joint repairs may be required.



How can I decide which kind of Air Caster do I need?


Depends on the difference of size, weight and floor condition, you can choose the type of Air Caster from our website or catalog. You may also get help from our expert.



May I order AeroServ Air Caster in customized size?


Yes, Air Caster in customized size and shape is possible; AeroServ can customize the Air Caster per your requirements.



How much noise does Air Caster system make?


A well-adjusted Air Caster system generates very little noise.



How long does Aeroserv Air Caster last?


Aeroserv Air Caster is made from durable urethane, which last much longer than traditional rubber made air bearings. On a proper operating surface an Aeroserv Air Casters can last 3 years*.



I’m currently using similar products, how can I change to Aeroserv Air Caster?


Aeroserv Air Caster is designed with compatibility to many different applications, so you can change it easily to our products. We can even customize our Air Caster to fit perfectly for your load moving equipment.


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